Geocaching Events for August 2015

In Indiana August means, hot weather and the kids returning to school.  I know some school districts stared in late July… I think is a sign that Ragnarok is just a few years away.  I’m posting this a little early since I’ll be in my classroom getting ready for the kiddos to return.

July 27

July GIG Dinner……..Come Sail Away With Me!
by Yodaboyz | GC5YN96 | Indianapolis

July 29

Big Willy’s Road Trip
by Shooter, OldBarn, & DBart | GC5Y720 | Decatur

August 5

Geocaching Road Trip ’15 Northside Flash Mob
by TheCatHerder | GC5YV42 | Indianapolis

August 8

Highland Park CITO – Kokomo
by tackett_family | GC5XVNV |Kokomo

August 10

Screaming for Ice Cream 2015
by dtmtndew | GC5ZQF8 | Brownstown

August 15

International Geocaching Day Picnic 2015
by kiralira and forloveofsunrises | GC5Z9HW | Guthrie

August 16

Sunday in the Park again
by Mama Jane and graciedi | GC5ZX22 | Princeton

August 19

Vam’s Ice Ice Baby Social
by Vamtrix (with help from Debbie Sellers) | GC600G0 | Valparaiso

August 21 

Lunch and a Souvenir
by Treazure Hunterz | GC5ZJVX | Fishers

October 10

Fritz’s Octo-Hallo-Wienie-Fest
by katandkev | GC5ZD6Z | Fort Wayne

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Geocaching events for July

It’s July! woo hoo!

July 13

South Cental Indiana Geocachers 5th Birthday
by pumpkinpie13 | GC5VKRJ | Huron

July 29

Big Willy’s Road Trip
by Shooter, OldBarn, & DBart | GC5Y720 | Decatur

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What is this Geocaching Thing Anyway?

So you just got a new smartphone, and you’ve heard about this gee-oh-cashing thing that sounds like fun. You download the app (not the free one which kind of walks you through, but the paid app because you don’t need instructions, you read the app description and that’s enough.), create an account, and head out into the land of adventure!

History Lesson, History Lesson
Geocaching started a long time ago when the U.S. Government decided to allow civilians who had GPS receivers better accuracy.  So Dave in Oregon, decided to hide something and posted on a message board the longitude and latitude.  Someone found it and geocaching was born.

Enough with History!  Now I have noticed that the world has basically two kinds of cachers, those who know what they are doing, and those who don’t.  This article is addressed to those who don’t, and for the amusement of those who do.  It’s just a few hints and suggestions if you are just starting out.

The Basics
Before going out, learn something about how geocaching works- more than the simple stuff I’m going tell you here.  Just because you can find a cache doesn’t make you a geocacher, it makes you a “muggle-lite.” Until you understand and can live by the basic rules you know just enough to be dangerous and annoying.  You are the person the bomb squad gets called about. Visit, Listen to Podcacher or another podcast, watch cool intro videos on YouTube. You didn’t just go out and start flying that 747, you had to take some classes first! So educate yourself.

Shhh… Be very, very quiet
Geocaching is about stealth, embrace your inner ninja.  Don’t let other people see you or hear you.  I recall an early standoff in a parking lot in which two cachers who didn’t know each other sat in their cars feet away from a cache trying to look inconspicuous.  Finally, after it looked like one had decided to change their oil… Well it wasn’t pretty.  It is better sometimes to walk away and try again another day.

Your First, Second, Third Find…
You found the cache on the third branch of a pine tree about a foot from the trunk… put it back in the same place.  Many new cachers want to rehide a cache because they think it was too easy, or the cache might get wet.  Cache owners know exactly where they hid the cache and don’t want to play hide and seek with their own cache.  Also when it comes to cache containers, make sure they are completely closed before putting them back EXACTLY WHERE YOU FOUND IT.

Trade items
Not all caches have trade items- the larger the cache container, the better chance that it will have SWAG. The golden rule, if you take something from a cache you must put in something of equal or greater value.  Something appropriate for all ages, not explosive and something that won’r attract critters (no food). As a new cacher stay away from trackables until you’ve gotten some experience.  That shiny coin is not something you take home and put in your treasure box, it is supposed to go from cache to cache.  A dog tag means no matter how cute the troll is, it is supposed to travel, not go home with you.

Not All Caches are Created Equal
There are different kinds of caches.  New cachers should start by only going for traditional caches- on the iPhone app these appear green… don’t mess around with any others until you’ve gotten the hang of things (Cecil’s recommendation- 25 finds and one event or 50 finds).  You can set your app to only display traditional caches in the settings (I’m an iPhone user- so don’t ask me about other devices) under Search Filter.  By putting your app on “Traditional Only” you won’t get the person who put out “A Century of 5/5’s” upset because you logged their cache but didn’t meet the logging requirements.

Yes, some caches have logging requirements- READ THE CACHE PAGE to find out.  If you stick to traditional caches you should run into too much trouble, but still LEARN SOMETHING AND READ THE CACHE PAGE. Oh, did I mention you should READ THE CACHE PAGE?

But My GPS is Always Right!
Not there?  If you are new to geocaching, it probably is there and you just can’t find it. Many GPS units (especially your phone) can be as much as 30 feet off- even more if you are under cover.  DON’T email the owner saying it must have been stolen and they better get out and replace it, DON’T put in your log that it must have been taken and you are absolutely sure where it should be, DON’t try to be a good Samaritan and put a new cache out, where you “know” it should be.  DON’T mark the cache as “Needs Maintenance” because you couldn’t find it, and DON’T mark the cache as “Needs Archived” because you couldn’t find it.  As a new cacher your log should be something like “I’m new, I guess it just wasn’t my day- I’ll try again another day” or something like that.

Hiding a Cache-
New Cachers- don’t go trying to hide a cache until you’ve experienced enough hides (Cecil always recommends 100 finds of different kinds).  Hiding a cache is a great way to give something back to the community, but listen to the reviewers, they are being paid millions of dollars to answer your questions (that’s what “volunteer” means). Don’t argue with them, that would be bad, they are really nice people and Karma can be a…

Membership has its Privileges
Becoming a Premium Member requires you to pay an annual fee, to get access to a bunch of things that as a new cacher you don’t need. Cecil recommends that if you are still caching after 6 months and have about 100 finds, you should consider it, but it really isn’t that important until you are sure that you can follow the rules and play nice.

So We’re All Meeting at Cecil’s
Events also come in different kinds, and can be found on  These are great ways to meet other cachers.  Don’t have time for something big?  Check out a Flash Mob these are only supposed to last 30 minutes (Cecil likes to call them “micro-events”)  Events need to be submitted two weeks out so a simple list of events for the month can change drastically by the end of the month- check them out yourself on to make sure you have the most up to information.  The Spring Picnic is usually held the second weekend in May, the location bounces around.  The nearest “Mega-Event” is Midwest GeoBash in Waseon, OH.  A Mega-Event is a really big event, usually with presentations, vendors, and fun for all ages.

So grasshopper, there are some the basics to hopefully help you as you start out this summer.  Just remember to start slow, and get to know how the community of geocachers works. Unfortunately, while there are some great places online to find all sorts of good information, you are going to have to search for yourself (think of it as online geocaching). The important part is to have fun, and be nice.  Check back here or go to and look for local events where you can meet other more seasoned (i.e. old) cachers who can help you and tell interesting stories (interesting might be a bit of a stretch) about their adventures around the world.  Did I ever tell you about the time I was stuck in a parking lot waiting for this doofus to move so I could get the cache, and he opened the hood of his car and started to check the oil?  I couldn’t believe it!

ook! Questions? Any other suggestions for new phone cachers?  Put them in the comments.

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Geocaching Events for June 2015

So it’s finally the off season for educators, so that means that those geocachers who spend time in the classroom finally have time to maintain their caches, put out new ones, and actually cache on a weekday! It also means that since everyone is out and about events start to dwindle a bit. Enjoy the ones you can make it to.

A quick note about the World Wide Flash Mob- Remember to uphold the Hoosier Flashmob tradition of gathering 15 minutes before the actual time in a group about 10 feet away from the Flash Mob location and then when the time comes walk over as a group. You should spend your time nervously looking at your GPS, phone, or watch. Hoosier cachers do not hide what they are doing, stealth isn’t important! Afterwards you should hang around at GZ for at least 30 minutes. Can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine? A well orchestrated flash mob is a thing of beauty…

Just google “Flash Mob” and be amazed. One of my favorites was Mr. Incredible’s Banana phone Flash Mob. Participants started at one of a Mall and walked to the other end chatting on bananas… because of the movement, most people were unaware of what was going on until we were upon them. I know my own Jedi Flash mob failed because our meeting point was within site of the final location, and many of us hung around afterwards.

What was your favorite flash mob?

June 1

June 1st Geocache Lunch
by MowerMan19 | GC5V82J | Bedford

June 7

Meet the geowilsons over a slice – June 2015 GIG
by Geo Minions and geowilsons | GC5VC27 | Fishers

June 8

MCC: Summer on the Patio Returns
by Yodaboyz | GC5TE0H | North Salem

June 13

WWFM XII – Tie Dyed & Flashing
by graciedi | GC5RXZ8 | Evansville

WWFM XII – Flashing with George Rogers Clark
by racer2814, Thlh2007, mjholley | GC5VVFF | Vincennes

WWFM XII — Elwood, IN — Willkie Park
by cross_penny_cacher | GC5WB9D | Elwood

June 16

June INKY Event – Pizza and Corn
by killswitch44 and Genesis928 | GC5W8BN | New Albany

June 25

Lunch With Geocaching Friends! June
by Treazure Hunterz | GC5WAAX | Cumberland

June 27

Spring Fling Camp Woodsmoke
by palestar, sujimgi, Scarlett and Rhett, lilliejim44 | GC5T4RT | Clarksburg

June 28

CCLP’s Bubblegum Olympics
by CC Land Pirates | GC5Q4AJ | College Corner

Summerstork 2015
by Fun-gi, Sportbikechick, TeamPhoenix421 | GC5W0QX | Portage

July 23-26

Midwest Geobash 2015
by Midwest Geobash | GC5D6DK | Wauseon, Ohio
Closest Mega-Event to Indiana
Registration closes July 9, SWAG sales end June 1

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Going Premium Member Only

Well, I did it. After nine years of caching, I set all of my hides to ‘Premium Member Only’ earlier today. I didn’t really want to. It just seems friendlier to place caches that are available to everyone. But . . .

You see, over the last several months I’ve been getting more and more logs that are wildly inappropriate. Today I got one saying the finder moved the cache to keep it dry! Sigh.

Now I do understand that everyone was new at some point and we all make mistakes. However, I suspect this new influx is coming from folks who download the app and probably have never visited I also suspect they’re not seeking any education about caching through the local community.

This is by no means a rant about smartphone cachers – trust me I’m currently using my phone to cache more than my GPSr! I just wonder how we can bring along these new players when the cost of entry is now so low there’s little incentive to do more than create a user name and hit the trail (or drive to the nearest Wal-Mart parking lot).

So, how can we educate new players so they understand the etiquette and are warmly welcomed to the community rather than become the subject of a story that begins, ‘you won’t believe it, but . . .’ My suggestion is for Geocaching HQ update both the free and full apps to include popup tips each time the app is opened. Yes, it will get repetitious but maybe there could be an option to turn it off after X number of finds or X number of times the app is accessed. I’m sure there are other ways this can be accomplished – if you have thoughts, please share!

But for now, I think I’ll keep my caches Premium Member Only.

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Geocaching Events for April 2015 (in Indiana)

Welcome to April!  It looks like we have a bunch of events lined up for the month!  As the weather gets warmer people will be out and about so remember to be extra stealthy as you cache.  I hope you didn’t mind the little April Fool’s Day joke earlier today… sometimes I just have to do something to break the monotony.  Compared to Baden-Württemberg, better yet, let’s not go there… Baden-Württemberg is only 13,804 square miles compared to Indiana’s 36, 418 square miles.  Although they do have a little over 10 million people to Indiana’s 6.5 million, maybe that’s why they have so many events.  It is a lovely place filled with friendly, welcoming people just like Indiana.

April 1

Golden Flounder Casino
by AirRaidFan | GC5PHQH | Jeffersonville

April 8

Balloon Release For Steelygrey
by Vamtrix | GC5PFF4 | Chesterton

April 11

Mounds Geocache Adventure 2015
by Mounds_State_Park | GC5K56V | Mounds State Park

TrailMix 26 – 9 Years of Hiking
by Deermark & El Polo Loco Gang | GC5PPWH | Hoosier National Forest

April 13

SCIG Celebrates SPRING
by Lair | GC5Q36H | Mitchell

April 18

Southern Indiana Scavenger Hunt Event
by graciedi and Mama Jane | GC5N1KZ | Evansville

Hey GIG, let’s do lunch!
by lakedawgs | GC5PQH3 | Indianapolis

April 21

3rd T – Visit with the Zonans
by KennyV | GC5QDRT | Jeffersonville

April 26

NEI-GEO 2015 Earth Day CITO
by Lord Elwood | GC5M9B8 | Fort Wayne

CITO Eyes of Brownsburg #2
by Ripples 2 Waves | GC5MGMJ | Brownsburg

Matter Park CITO II
by Honkeon | GC5NPFA | Marion

May 2

SLAGA is coming to town
by Team_State | GC5P4NB | Evansville

May 15

Meet & Greet for Smarties
by Eye Of The Pirate | GC5QEQX | Turkey Run State Park

May 16

2015 Indiana Spring Picnic
by lakedawgs | GC5GDZJ | Turkey Run State Park

May 30

CITO Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore 2015
by superstutz | GC5NN9E | Dunes National Lakeshore

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Geocaching Events for April 2015

Welcome to April!  It looks like we have a bunch of events lined up for the month!  As the weather gets warmer people will be out and about so remember to be extra stealthy as you cache.

1 April

crumen mitkun
by ArnGeko | GC50W3M | Baden-Württemberg

Unglaublich: Dönerstag am Mittwoch!
by Eumelbaer | GC5NQPC | Baden-Württemberg

by DaDieDose! | GC5PFD0 | Baden-Württemberg

2 April

Dönerstag 2015 – Markdorf
by blubb&blubb | GC4TAKA | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 “Zum Kaffee in Metzingen”
by leo van dyk | GC5JN4J | Baden-Württemberg

Döner’s Tag 2015 – Ittersbach
by ichel | GC5JVPD | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Asperg
by BrassTrain | GC5JXYJ | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Frühstück bei Konuk
by donweb | GC5JY0A | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Am Tammer Bahnhof
by Babs&Tamm | GC5JY4K | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Mittagspausen-Event in LB
by travelling | GC5JY4T | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – 5. Geislinger Sunset-Edition
by Hans&Grete, Schnick007 und Geonießer | GC5K1EK | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Kaffe & Kuchen oder Tee & Döner
by Sandi&MoD | GC5K735 | Baden-Württemberg

3. Vaihinger Dönerstag
by Apophis2 & * La_Luna * | GC5K7PE | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Feierabendevent in Bi-Bi
by Eiselbe | GC5K82W | Baden-Württemberg

5. ZAK-GrünDönerstags-Event “Döner Dir einen”
by Die Easttownboys | GC5KCEP | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 im Dreiländereck
by hegolas | GC5KPDG | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Schwäbisch Gmünd
by DieIgginger | GC5KV3Y | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015: Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof
by savler | GC5KXKT | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 Mittagspausenstammtisch S-Vaihingen
by merdian | GC5KXW4 | Baden-Württemberg

Frühest möglicher Dönerstag
by wecach | GC5KYD2 | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerleswäscher 2015
by MA210 | GC5KYPB | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag in Rutesheim – 2015
by geoGRAV | GC5KYT1 | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015-Mittagspausen-Stammtisch in S
by AndiW | GC5KYT4 | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag Ulm 2015 – Münsterblick
by Dönertier | GC5M0V9 | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Stammheim
by J:B | GC5M1KY | Baden-Württemberg

Meet & Greet @ STR – Frühstücksdöner (US-Version)
by blazek | GC5M5ZK | Baden-Württemberg

“Sechster Mössinger – Dönerstag”
by geodogs50 | GC5M80Z | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Fellbach
by SchröterMan | GC5M8FV | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 in Emmendingen
by Joogy | GC5M9EN | Baden-Württemberg

Döner in Istanbul … ähm … Durmersheim
by webmicha | GC5MFXQ | Baden-Württemberg

Der “Dönerstag” das Event am Gründonnerstag
by jotheonly | GC5MGMR | Baden-Württemberg

Vor Ostern – Schnitzel & Dosen – Das 4. Event
by Schnitzel & Dosen | GC5MQVZ | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag – the hours after. . . . (5th Edition)
by Dr. Döner | GC5MX6Z | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Mit alles und viel Schaf.
by LebensFIT | GC5N25X | Baden-Württemberg

Event Cache Döner’s Tag 2015 – Rheinstetten
by DieSchnueffler | GC5N3QM | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015
by WerksCacheGruppe | GC5N6D6 | Baden-Württemberg

dÖnerstag in grÖtzingen
by mado-germany | GC5NBQ2 | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 “Am Anfang der Alb”
by Esel 2305 | GC5NK0P | Baden-Württemberg

5. Kaiserstühler (Dönerstag) GC Stammtisch
by viniausparis | GC5NQZ6 | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Frühstücksdöner
by beef_productions | GC5P1G8 | Baden-Württemberg

Rüppurrer Dönerstag – Edition 2015
by womofamilie | GC5P51Y | Baden-Württemberg

Bad Rappenauer Dönerstag 2015
by hüffi’s | GC5PC2N | Baden-Württemberg

Döner’s Tag 2015 – Mittagspause in BB
by Catsware | GC5PG9F | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag 2015 – Radolfzell
by lakesidefamily | GC5PJV7 | Baden-Württemberg

Döner’s Tag 2015 (Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis)
by FKSG | GC5PM9K | Baden-Württemberg

Döner’s Tag’s Event 2015 – Aussenstelle Hohenlohe
by GeoFaex | GC5PN22 | Baden-Württemberg

Dönerstag Hirschberg
by Superbärle | GC5PPPP | Baden-Württemberg

5 April

Meet & Greet
by Jedelák | GC5P97M | Baden-Württemberg

8 April

Feuerbacher Cachermittagstisch LI
by SkyWombat & XEmacs | GC5MNR2 | Baden-Württemberg

3. Eidechsen-Stammtisch Zaisersweiher
by Harryschatz+Team@TAC | GC5PN34 | Baden-Württemberg

Event beim Winzer für DDS
by Ein Geschenk von BS | GC5Q4MT | Baden-Württemberg

9 April

66. Karlsruher GC- Stammtisch
by SAMAKA | GC5KB8D | Baden-Württemberg

16. LEO GC Stammtisch
by S71 & Jottjott | GC5N5HH | Baden-Württemberg

18. Fellbacher Mittagsstammtisch Easter Edition
by Sonnyleo | GC5PKPJ | Baden-Württemberg

10 April

112. Filstalstammtisch
by DDS & BS | GC5PNKE | Baden-Württemberg

11 April

Baar-Hocker #76 ,,Kegelmeisterschaft 2015″
by MikElsa | GC5MD9P | Baden-Württemberg

12 April

Die Geocouch – bist DU reif für die Dose ?
by simply_polly | GC5N4AF | Baden-Württemberg

Uf de schwäb’sche Eisebahne – Sonntagsausflug ULM
by Apophis2 | GC5P4FA | Baden-Württemberg

Eis Essen mit Tripl–L
by Triple–L | GC5Q00Z | Baden-Württemberg

C.I.T.O. zu den Karlsruher Dreck-weg-Wochen 2015
by flammschild | GC5Q310 | Baden-Württemberg

Uf de schwäb’sche Eisebahne – Ankunft Ulm
by TuJu-TGID | GC5Q7ZC | Baden-Württemberg

13 April

45. GeoCacher „ Mittagspausen-Stammtisch“ in BB
by Team “Fuchsgewitz” | GC5PJFZ | Baden-Württemberg

14 April

4 Jahreszeiten-Event Ludwigsburg „Frühling“
by Sandi&MoD | GC5NGGH | Baden-Württemberg

Meet & Greet 2015 Buchen im Odenwald
by The-U-Frogs | GC5P54K | Baden-Württemberg

Konstanzer Eiszeit
by Pedroolio und Horni11 | GC5PRWQ | Baden-Württemberg

Wenn ich eh schon wach bin…
by Blackandwhite23 | GC5PT6X | Baden-Württemberg

15 April

8. Besenevent (Spargel)
by -Mark- | GC5NVVN | Baden-Württemberg

16 April

Stuttgarter GC-Stammtisch 04/15
by StammtischStuttgart2 | GC5PJ43 | Baden-Württemberg

17 April

In Ulm um Ulm und um Ulm herum
by Drei Damen vom Grill | GC5M7QN | Baden-Württemberg

1. Verspieltes Geocachen
by *magic & M!KEY | GC5NEXE | Baden-Württemberg

Es war einmal…
by Maus229 | GC5NY0E | Baden-Württemberg

18 April

Duck+TB Teil 2 – aus und vorbei!
by Farmers-Family | GC5KN0D | Baden-Württemberg

Legolas – Der Herr der Dosen
by Jünter69 | GC5M9HN | Baden-Württemberg

Swabian Hanami: Grillen auf der Streuobstwiese
by BaraqueMichel | GC5Q5R3 | Baden-Württemberg

19 April

Trink Wasser….!
by Dancer06 + SandmannLA | GC5PP2R | Baden-Württemberg

20 April

☼ alexens’ Eisdielen-Event (Summer-Welcome 2015) ☺
by alexens | GC5PQD9 | Baden-Württemberg

21 April

Häppy Gärtringen – Alles auf Anfang
by Geo_Mango | GC5D0ND | Baden-Württemberg

22 April

MPS Möhringen/Vaihingen/Filder 04/15
by MPS Team | GC5Q14Z | Baden-Württemberg

25 April

Schwäbisch Schlemma 5 in Dirgne
by Team WaKö | GC5KJM1 | Baden-Württemberg

Dreisam Cito 2015
by -helli- | GC5MQT1 | Baden-Württemberg

Stadtputzete Besigheim – 2015 CITO Weekend
by Eiselbe | GC5MZXN | Baden-Württemberg

CITO-Absacker oder 10 Icons-Day 4th Edition
by BrassTrain | GC5N94B | Baden-Württemberg

CITO – Erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnügen!
by Pekul | GC5NRYM | Baden-Württemberg

Das packt kein Ozean!
by LoGi Ho4 & Manduar | GC5PQXC | Baden-Württemberg

CITO 2015 – Frühjahrsputz in Unterschneidheim
by Farmers-Family und Team WaKö | GC5Q7Y9 | Baden-Württemberg

Aktion saubere Landschaft 2015
by schiego25 & ArnGeko | GC5QGTC | Baden-Württemberg

26 April

Carrerarennen 2015
by Johannis10 | GC5M519 | Baden-Württemberg

Geistreiches Geocachen
by *magic & M!KEY | GC5MPE9 | Baden-Württemberg

6. Achertäler Geocaching Stammtisch
by Silva Nigra & Familie | GC5NZTC | Baden-Württemberg

30 April

Anpaddeln 2015
by LM1984 | GC5NEP0 | Baden-Württemberg

1 Mai

Start in den Mai VOL.4
by Affenpingu | GC5Q68H | Baden-Württemberg,

2 Mai

GeocoinMania – The Big One
by Los Muertos | GC5GY7Y | Baden-Württemberg

15 years of Geocaching
by Wooddevils | GC5PDKA | Baden-Württemberg

Vor 15 Jahren…
by DaDieDose! | GC5PZV3 | Baden-Württemberg

Singener Stammtisch meets 15 Years of Geocaching
by hwi | GC5Q552 | Baden-Württemberg

Eiselberg /cachen und grillen II.
by hartmut73 | GC5QBR6 | Baden-Württemberg

3 Mai

Yes we cache! oder 15 Jahre Geocaching!
by ichel | GC5C8QF | Baden-Württemberg

Bei Eduard Mörike piept`s
by tripleclaus | GC5NMBH | Baden-Württemberg

Wir feiern 15 Jahre Geocaching
by HJThom & webmicha | GC5NV2C | Baden-Württemberg

15 Jahre Geocaching
by Apophis2 | GC5P4F9 | Baden-Württemberg

Sonnenaufgang am Hagbergturm
by aldehiro | GC5PG47 | Baden-Württemberg

15 years of Geocaching
by viniausparis | GC5Q2ZD | Baden-Württemberg

8 Mai

19. Fellbacher Mittagsstammtisch
by Sonnyleo | GC5PKPK | Baden-Württemberg

9 Mai

12_. Freiburger GC Stammtisch: Rocket Science II
by 682er | GC5CADZ | Baden-Württemberg

Wir haben da mal was vorbereitet…
by Ir-Ma | GC5NCEC | Baden-Württemberg

13 Mai

Gib dem Affen Zucker! – Germany goes A.P.E.
by -Mark- | GC5M7MJ | Baden-Württemberg

Kinoevent 2.0
by art_wendeley & PowerPair | GC5PP5M | Baden-Württemberg

16 Mai

Hello World! – Karlsruhe
by ZaNaBoZa | GC5NYNA | Baden-Württemberg

Yahtzee at night
by The Bs | GC5PTGD | Baden-Württemberg

wo du wolle?
by hannikel | GC5QB8G | Baden-Württemberg

17 Mai

Herzlich willkommen zum Event – Der Berg –
by Horni11 und Pedroolio | GC5P7AV | Baden-Württemberg

20 Juni

Meet&Greet@HHR 2015
by –Big-G– | GC5NDT9 | Baden-Württemberg

Formel GC – Grand Prix 2015
by Tifant | GC5PQ5X | Baden-Württemberg

28 August

Reiglersbach Stausee Event 2015
by Dr.Acula | GC5NY4F | Baden-Württemberg

unless you plan to travel to Germany-  April Fool’s!


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Geocaching Events for March 2015

piAs I stare out at the snow coming down, I have to remind myself that this kind of weather will be around until after March 28th (High School Boys Basketball State Finals).  So the chances of meeting another cacher on the trail is pretty slim unless they are just as crazy as you, or you happen to be visiting another state.  I hope everyone stays safe and warm.

The big thing for this month is Pi Day March 14th with a number of events celebrating 3-14-15.  I just don’t understand why we don’t have that many Tau Day celebrations.

March 3

Hanging With Hoosier Reviewer Part II – West Side!
by go-purdue | GC5MY4T | Brownsburg

March 9

2L X 4L X 5 + 5 = Happy Birthday TRB!
by seekersearcher, an AWOL Pirate, and Yodaboyz | GC5MK35 | Indianapolis

March 10

March, March, March – a gathering of cachers
by dtmtndew | GC5N2B0 | Brownstown

Let’s Have A Shamrockin’ Good Time-March 2015 GIG
by Indigo500 | GC5N8TZ | Indianapolis

March 14

A Moment with π!
by bsabadger | GC5KC68 | Zionsville

Last Chance for Pi
by Fortislander80 | GC5N4M7 | Fort Wayne

Pi Day Event!
by Wright04 | GC5N9PN | Evansville

Pi for Breakfast East
by Rooski22 | GC5NCGQ | Greenfield

Odd Pi
by kemtek | GC5NFX7 | Indiana

An Indianapolis Pi Gathering
by RedjackRyan | GC5NKDY | Indianapolis

March 21

3-2-1 Spring Cache Blast Off!
by TeamPhoenix421 and Fartbag | GC5JJ63 | Merriville

April 11

Mounds Geocache Adventure 2015
by Mounds_State_Park | GC5K56V | Anderson

April 18

Southern Indiana Scavenger Hunt Event
by graciedi and Mama Jane | GC5N1KZ | Evansville

April 26

NEI-GEO 2015 Earth Day CITO
by Lord Elwood | GC5M9B8 | Fort Wayne

CITO Eyes of Brownsburg #2
by Ripples 2 Waves | GC5MGMJ | Brownsburg

May 16

2015 Indiana Spring Picnic
by lakedawgs | GC5GDZJ | Turkey Run State Park


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Geocaching Events for February 2015

Yes, I know… February is almost over.  Those of you who know me, know that I am an elementary school teacher, and in Indiana things in area of education have not been pretty.  I’ve been working on preparing my students for whatever high stakes test our children will have to take so we can grade our public schools and our public school teachers over things that they have virtually no control over.  So I apologize for not getting this out to you sooner, I’ve been a little busy.

With the weather, and the time of year there tend not to be that many events.  I’ll post everything that’s been posted up to today.  I hope everyone stays safe and warm as we patiently wait for Spring.

February 15

I Heart Geocaching!
by kiralira | GC5K0XE | Bloomington

February 16

Hanging with Hoosier Reviewer
by ProfessorZoom | GC5KNMB | Indianapolis

February 21

2 Late 4 Lunch 2 Early 4 Dinner
by Rooski22 | GC5KKF1 | Greenfield

February 22

Feb 2015 GIG Dinner I heart My Caching League
by TeamAdorkable | GC5M5CE | Avon

February 25

Lunch With Geofriends
by Lair | GC5MB6H | Bedford

March 3

Hanging With Hoosier Reviewer Part II – West Side!
by go-purdue | GC5MY4T | Brownsburg

March 9

2L X 4L X 5 + 5 = Happy Birthday TRB!
by seekersearcher, an AWOL Pirate, and Yodaboyz | GC5MK35 | Indianapolis

March 10

March, March, March – a gathering of cachers
by dtmtndew | GC5N2B0 | Brownstown

March 14

A Moment with π!
by bsabadger | GC5KC68 | Zionsville

Last Chance for Pi
by Fortislander80 | GC5N4M7 | Fort Wayne

March 21

3-2-1 Spring Cache Blast Off!
by TeamPhoenix421 and Fartbag | GC5JJ63 | Merriville

April 11

Mounds Geocache Adventure 2015
by Mounds_State_Park | GC5K56V | Anderson

April 18

Southern Indiana Scavenger Hunt Event
by graciedi and Mama Jane | GC5N1KZ | Evansville

April 26

NEI-GEO 2015 Earth Day CITO
by Lord Elwood | GC5M9B8 | Fort Wayne

CITO Eyes of Brownsburg #2
by Ripples 2 Waves | GC5MGMJ | Brownsburg

May 16

2015 Indiana Spring Picnic
by lakedawgs | GC5GDZJ | Turkey Run State Park


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Geocaching Events for January 2015

So it’s a new year, a perfect time for those of you looking to start a 365 day challenge or just a really long streak.  Each year brings new adventures.  Are you going to finally clear out all 92 counties?  Are you finally going to get that cache down the street?  So many opportunities.  This year we will still have some great events and I know a number of people have already started to make plans to head to Maryland for GeoWoodstock over Memorial Day.  As for Indiana in January… it’s a little cold out there and no one is quite sure what the weather will bring (especially after last year).  Stay safe and don’t forget to sign my name on the log!

January 12, 2015

SCIG Winter B.B.Q.
by South Central Indiana Geocachers | GC5JCK9 | Bedford

January 14, 2015

An Introduction to Geocaching
by coachstahly | GC5G1JW | Noblesville

January 17, 2015

Dunes Geocache Adventure 2015
by Indiana DNR | GC5H8MV | Indiana Dunes State Park

February 2, 2015

SIG’s Groundhog Day Event
by Payneboys | GC5JHMG | Newburgh

March 21, 2015

3-2-1 Spring Cache Blast Off!
by TeamPhoenix421 and Fartbag | GC5JJ63 | Merrillville

May 16, 2015

2015 Indiana Spring Picnic
by lakedawgs | GC5GDZJ | Turkey Run State Park

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