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ook! The Wibbly Wobbly 31 days of Geocaching.

ook! Groundspeak announced that August was going to be the “31 days of Geocaching” or some other clever marketing tagline to get people excited. It seems that every day you log a cache you get a special souvenir for the … Continue reading

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Have Challenges become the Poor Man’s Puzzle?

ook!  I have floated this comment out to a few groups (that don’t always yell at me) and decided to post this moderate rant here.  As I talk with the people in charge of the upkeep of they comment … Continue reading

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Membership, we don’t need no stink’n membership…

ook! While working on my next series (or two) of caches I stopped for a moment when confronted by a check box on the form – Do you want this to be a Premium Member Only Cache? I was really … Continue reading

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Geocaching is like Golf- only a lot more fun.

ook! I say that geocaching is like golf, because in golf there are rules, but in most cases the only person enforcing them is the player.  It’s the same in geocaching, there are simple rules, and the only person really … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks and working on some GeoArt

ook! I hope everyone has been enjoying Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  In case you missed it- my list is available online or you can just send me cash. Yesterday, I was lured out of my lair with promise of a … Continue reading

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Kickstarter & Geocaching

ook! For those who have never heard of, I am a big fan. Where else can you help people make their dreams come true? OK-, but supporting the ideas on Kickstarter give you the chance to get stuff, cool … Continue reading

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ook! Why All Geocaching Events Should Be Held At Chuck E. Cheese

ook.  It takes a village to raise a child… since the parents don’t seem to be doing it. Geocaching events are great ways to meet other geocachers and take time out of our busy lives to talk about caching. As … Continue reading

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Ask Cecil… Episode 1 ook?!?!

I was reading your post for beginners about all the things people leave in the caches. I was wondering if the new bar codes for smart phones could be used as a way of tracking items left as well? I … Continue reading

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Sad Lack of Common Sense in Some Newer Cachers

ook. I was distressed on Thursday when I received an email through The email was a request to please remove my caches located on mall property here in Central Indiana. I have checked and my caches are not in … Continue reading

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ook? What’s up with Challenges?

ook?!? I am a monkey of few words, you know this if you have ever read my logs.  While many people have awaiting the relaunch of “virtual caches” something else happened that has left me, Cecil-Evil GeoCaching Monkey, confused and … Continue reading

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