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May 2011 Indiana Geocaching Events

First of all, besides going to this ever growing resource of all things IndianaGeocaching, how can you do this yourself?  Log into ( and on the right side under “Search Options” is “Newest in Indiana”  this will bring up a … Continue reading

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2011 Indiana Spring Picnic

The weather is getting warmer… it’s time to get outside and play! The 9th Annual Indiana Spring Picnic is being held at Prophetstown State Park on Saturday, May 14th, 2011. The Spring Picnic is one of Indiana’s two largest annual … Continue reading

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Indy Parks Geocaching Adventure Caches- Body Count

So as posted yesterday Indy Parks published around 100 caches at the same time… cell phones went mad (as did some cachers).  So what was the total? As of around 10:30AM this morning when I used dougsmiley’s bookmark list to … Continue reading

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Indy Parks Geocaching Guidelines

Indy Parks have also set up a list of guidelines (as of February 13, 2011) for placing caches (there are presently or 1,000 caches in Indy parks as of noon, April 16).   Here are the guidelines: Geocachers shall obey … Continue reading

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April 16th- Indy Parks FTF-Palooza!

How many caches have you found in a local park?  Some of the best caches are located in small out of the way parks, gems in every community.  Indy Parks celebrating their centennial this year has embraced geocaching as a … Continue reading

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The Hiding of a Geocache. (A tale to make grown men weep)

I try to make my hides memorable (the lamp posts, not so much) either by the name, the puzzle or the container.  Recently I have been working on my 2011 creativity project – the Dr. Who cache series.  For those … Continue reading

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Travel Bugs, Geocoins, Pathtags, & Other Trackables for Beginners.

Many starting geocachers find different things in a cache and really don’t know the etiquette when it comes to these things so I thought I might start a little discussion about the different things you can find and what you … Continue reading

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