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Premium Membership & Pocket Queries

There has been a lot of posts on various boards dealing with Premium Membership to and the advantages and disadvantages. The discussion tends to go like this: Geocacher A- “Should I pay for a premium membership?” Geocacher B- “No- … Continue reading

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2011 Reviewer’s Ball

  It is amazing how well we all can clean up – Last night cachers from around midwest gathered in Terre Haute for some fun and camaraderie, the first (hopefully annual) Reviewer’s Ball.  As with any event (if you haven’t ever … Continue reading

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Guidelines for Placing a Cache

As always, geocaches sometimes make the news.  Usually it’s because some muggle sees someone (not being too stealthy) put something somewhere and then calls the police.  There are many reasons for this – perhaps they have nothing better to do … Continue reading

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You May Now Kiss the Cache.

Any Hoosier worth their weight in corn (or soybeans) knows that fancy honeymoons are for other people… If we want to travel to exotic places to celebrate finding our “soulmate” we head to the wilds of that extremely foreign country … Continue reading

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E.T. Highway Update

Thanks to Lakedawgs for posting on Facebook this happy update on the E.T. Highway.  What is the E.T. Highway?  It was the power trail to beat all power trails that had been recently archived.  It looks like there will be a … Continue reading

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June 4- World Wide What Day?

So today at around one o’clock many people gathered in different places to do interesting things for about 15 minutes.  For those not in the know this would be a Flash Mob.  Geocaching style there are some ground rules – … Continue reading

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June 2011 Geocaching Events

First of all, besides going to this ever growing resource of all things IndianaGeocaching, how can you do this yourself?  Log into ( and on the right side under “Search Options” is “Newest in Indiana”  this will bring up a … Continue reading

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