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Public Service Announcement- Puzzle Caches

I have found it interesting when I meet other cachers the number of folks out there who limit themselves to only traditional caches (even only those located in WalMart parking lots).  While I have nothing against starting out with these … Continue reading

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Geocaching Swiss Army Knife- GSAK events in February

While popping around Facebook I noticed a couple of events (While in February) will help kick off the new year with some new skills for many cachers. Many of you have heard about GSAK and heard other cachers talk about … Continue reading

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2012 – Looking Forward to Geocaching Resolutions

As 2011 winds down many geocachers are looking at 2012 and setting goals for the new year. So what could you do to plan out a wonderful caching 2012? Let’s look at a few options… – Challenges: take on a … Continue reading

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GeoWoodstock X Artists Needed

Calling on all professional and armchair artists to help with GeoWoodstock X designs By now you’ve no doubt heard that GeoWoodstock X will be held in Indiana. The Planning Team is looking for regional talent to help in designing artwork … Continue reading

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Cache in Trash Out… but what if the trash IS a cache?

Recently there was a mass archiving of numerous geocaches throughout the state of Indiana. No, it wasn’t the work of the Caching Curmudgeon. I won’t get into the details of why it happened, it did & it’s over. That leaves … Continue reading

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Geowoodstock X Registration Open!

This is a little late, but since I just got around to registering I thought I should at least post it for those who might not be have seen anything. Let me explain the way it works- Geowoodstock is a … Continue reading

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December 2011 Event Calendar

Wow, it’s almost the start of the New Year!  The weather is turning a bit colder so many cachers are either starting to hibernate or have decided to start some crazy challenge that will make them have to find a … Continue reading

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