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Super Bowl Caching!

Yes, it is a “Super” week in Central Indiana, filled with many “Super” days leading up to the Super Bowl… (I don’t know why there is all this hype about bowling, but “live and let live” has almost always been … Continue reading

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Sad Lack of Common Sense in Some Newer Cachers

ook. I was distressed on Thursday when I received an email through The email was a request to please remove my caches located on mall property here in Central Indiana. I have checked and my caches are not in … Continue reading

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News from the Mound

The Annual Mounds State Park Equinox 3-day Adventure will feature a few new programs this year as well as a few oldies too.  A list of GC numbers and information follows: GC34Z92 On Friday night, March 23, 2012 (beginning at … Continue reading

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A Conundrum with Puzzles

As Geocaching keeps growing and people gain experience- soon there begins attempts at unknown caches which is a polite way to say a cache that requires something else in order to log it… In some cases this is a challenge, … Continue reading

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Geocaching in the News… Nuvo- 1/4/12

Just saw this introductory article about caching posted thought I should share it with everyone- Just looked for a GC # for the cache listed in the article… doesn’t look like it has been published.  If you know different … Continue reading

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January 2012 Event Calendar

Happy New Year!  Now is the time to fill in that calendar… we are coming up on that most needed date- February 29! Which only has four different events planned as of this posting. Again- one of the events you … Continue reading

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