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Why We Still Cache… by lakedawgs

Names:  Matt & Alicia Caching Name:  lakedawgs Caching Since:  December 2003 Number of Finds as of this post:  2,739 Why we still cache… In the beginning, Geocaching for us was a fun little secret game… no one we knew had … Continue reading

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A Primer on Cache Size & Location

When creating a cache many people, after reading & memorizing the guidelines for their specific state, may have problems deciding what kind of container to use.  I’m one to place a nano as the final to a puzzle, and Sue’s … Continue reading

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“We don’t need no Education”… then again, maybe we do.

It is summer time for most kids’ and some adults’ brains to atrophy. Here at IndianaGeocaching we are all for brains turning to mush- poor toothless zombies prefer it that way. That said, I was curious as I started to … Continue reading

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Kickstarter & Geocaching

ook! For those who have never heard of, I am a big fan. Where else can you help people make their dreams come true? OK-, but supporting the ideas on Kickstarter give you the chance to get stuff, cool … Continue reading

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GeoWoodstock X Educational Recap: Planning the Epic Caching Trip

The first session of the day was one of the best and most useful (in my humble opinion)  Go-Purdue, Super Genius, Jay Kay El Em, drgoby, & JPlus14 took a little over 30 minutes to give us some tips, tricks … Continue reading

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Why I Still Cache… by ProfessorZoom

Name: Sue Caching Name: ProfessorZoom Caching Since: July 2006 Number of Finds as of this post: 3,900 ish Why I still cache… I recently did a solo one-day caching trip to Ohio and it reminded me why I still cache.  I’ve always said I’ll … Continue reading

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GeoWoodstock X Educational Recap: Working With Law Enforcement

For all of us who have been stopped by law enforcement or security personnel while caching, the thought “Uh oh, what do I do now?” is pretty typical.  For those of you who haven’t had this pleasure yet, trust me, … Continue reading

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