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August 2013 Geocaching Events

For some this is the height of Summer, nowadays this also means for many it’s time to head back to school.  As you many have noticed during the summer, so many people are on vacation that the number of events … Continue reading

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Smartphone Caching- Some thoughts…

Cecil would probably rant about this topic because as more experienced, aka “older,” cachers have discovered there is something about people using their smartphones to cache that has led to some grumpiness in geocaching community.  I hear it at events … Continue reading

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Have Challenges become the Poor Man’s Puzzle?

ook!  I have floated this comment out to a few groups (that don’t always yell at me) and decided to post this moderate rant here.  As I talk with the people in charge of the upkeep of they comment … Continue reading

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Charge up your GPSr: 31 new Souvenirs to be released in August!

If you haven’t already heard, Groundspeak will be releasing a new virtual souvenir for each day of the month of August! So, just go out and find a cache and get a shiny new souvenir – cool huh? What, you … Continue reading

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Cache Ownership Your Right and your Responsibility

I thought I would open up the discussion dealing with cache ownership. So many people start off geocaching and after finding one or two caches decide that they know the perfect spot and then try to place one, not understanding … Continue reading

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