Geocaching Events for February 2015

Yes, I know… February is almost over.  Those of you who know me, know that I am an elementary school teacher, and in Indiana things in area of education have not been pretty.  I’ve been working on preparing my students for whatever high stakes test our children will have to take so we can grade our public schools and our public school teachers over things that they have virtually no control over.  So I apologize for not getting this out to you sooner, I’ve been a little busy.

With the weather, and the time of year there tend not to be that many events.  I’ll post everything that’s been posted up to today.  I hope everyone stays safe and warm as we patiently wait for Spring.

February 15

I Heart Geocaching!
by kiralira | GC5K0XE | Bloomington

February 16

Hanging with Hoosier Reviewer
by ProfessorZoom | GC5KNMB | Indianapolis

February 21

2 Late 4 Lunch 2 Early 4 Dinner
by Rooski22 | GC5KKF1 | Greenfield

February 22

Feb 2015 GIG Dinner I heart My Caching League
by TeamAdorkable | GC5M5CE | Avon

February 25

Lunch With Geofriends
by Lair | GC5MB6H | Bedford

March 3

Hanging With Hoosier Reviewer Part II – West Side!
by go-purdue | GC5MY4T | Brownsburg

March 9

2L X 4L X 5 + 5 = Happy Birthday TRB!
by seekersearcher, an AWOL Pirate, and Yodaboyz | GC5MK35 | Indianapolis

March 10

March, March, March – a gathering of cachers
by dtmtndew | GC5N2B0 | Brownstown

March 14

A Moment with π!
by bsabadger | GC5KC68 | Zionsville

Last Chance for Pi
by Fortislander80 | GC5N4M7 | Fort Wayne

March 21

3-2-1 Spring Cache Blast Off!
by TeamPhoenix421 and Fartbag | GC5JJ63 | Merriville

April 11

Mounds Geocache Adventure 2015
by Mounds_State_Park | GC5K56V | Anderson

April 18

Southern Indiana Scavenger Hunt Event
by graciedi and Mama Jane | GC5N1KZ | Evansville

April 26

NEI-GEO 2015 Earth Day CITO
by Lord Elwood | GC5M9B8 | Fort Wayne

CITO Eyes of Brownsburg #2
by Ripples 2 Waves | GC5MGMJ | Brownsburg

May 16

2015 Indiana Spring Picnic
by lakedawgs | GC5GDZJ | Turkey Run State Park


About Bruce

I am cartoonist by night and public school teacher by day. After introducing caching to my wife in 2005 I was left in the dust and in decided to assist Cecil-Evil GeoCaching Monkey on his quest for world domination (in 2009 my wife requested I no longer log any caches under "our" name). I have taken Cecil caching around the country (& England) to many events and have even picked up the Triad (& have the coin to prove it). One of my favorite caches is "Get A Life" GCZJ5Z in the same vein I also enjoyed getting Batman's Batcave & The Gorn's Lair.
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