And So It Begins… IDNR Cache Archival

I know this is a sore subject with many people so I am just reporting the news in an unbiased way.  As many people know the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has recently updated their policy in regards to geocaching.  The decision was made that in order to be fair all caches on IDNR property would be archived.  I have a cache at Fort Ben, so I have been getting the emails.  I have been given ample opportunity to to resubmit the permit for this cache, so it being archived is my choice.  I know of a few cachers who have filled out the paperwork and gotten their permits approved.  Today I received this email giving me 30 days…


We are contacting you because you have been identified as having a cache placed on IDNR property. This cache(s) has now been archived as requested by IDNR. You have 30 days to seek a permit from IDNR and have your cache approved again by your local reviewer. You can find the new policy, the form to apply for a permit and the step by step instructions on what to do to have your cache unarchived here.

Please be sure to read through the new policy so that we can help to publish your cache again as soon as possible. Your local reviewers, and Groundspeak, are available to answer any questions. You will find at the bottom of this notice email addresses of the Indiana Reviewers as well as a contact at Groundspeak, who are happy to help.

Please know that the Indiana reviewers have done everything in their power to keep as many caches as possible on IDNR lands and to make this transition as smooth as possible. They have worked long and hard with the IDNR to come up with a new policy that will work for most cache owners. We are very sorry for any inconvenience the implementation of this permit process may cause.

I really don’t know what is going to happen in the future.  I hope that the IDNR sticks to enforcing its rules so things don’t get out of hand.  I know there are people who are hurt and frustrated with this whole thing.  There are some lovely IDNR properties that I may never have visited if it wasn’t for geocaching.  As they get repopulated with caches I hope to visit them again.  I would like to thank those geocachers who met with the IDNR and tried to get this resolved in a way that both sides could live with.  In the end the IDNR owns the property and could have just said “no” to all caches, but they didn’t.

Will I place a cache in a State Park again?  Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

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I am cartoonist by night and public school teacher by day. After introducing caching to my wife in 2005 I was left in the dust and in decided to assist Cecil-Evil GeoCaching Monkey on his quest for world domination (in 2009 my wife requested I no longer log any caches under "our" name). I have taken Cecil caching around the country (& England) to many events and have even picked up the Triad (& have the coin to prove it). One of my favorite caches is "Get A Life" GCZJ5Z in the same vein I also enjoyed getting Batman's Batcave & The Gorn's Lair.
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One Response to And So It Begins… IDNR Cache Archival

  1. dbbolling-goat says:

    Good post but I have to disagree on one point.

    IDNR doesn’t own these lands, we, the taxpaying residents of Indiana do. I think it is sad that they didn’t reach out to the obviously large community of Geocachers that had hid caches on these lands, host multiple yearly events and camp in these parks. This may have gone down better if there was some sort of outreach versus a unilateral decision. I understand the need for rules, but there are parks I may never go to now, for the simple fact that they have done this.

    It is better to work with the public when maintaining a public resource than to tell them what is best for us. We should have a say in how our lands are used.

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