Giving Thanks and working on some GeoArt

ook! I hope everyone has been enjoying Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  In case you missed it- my list is available online or you can just send me cash.

Yesterday, I was lured out of my lair with promise of a beautiful day and a chance to create some GeoArt. As many of you know (and have already completed) there is a puzzle series in western Indiana (around Brazil) called “Back Home Again” put together by a tireless group of wonderful cachers in the area.  When all the puzzles are solved and the caches found you end up with the outline of the state of Indiana in smiley faces on your personal map- that and about 125 caches.  While this isn’t new, its I nice way to showcase Indiana Trivia in a series of puzzles at various degrees of difficulty.  So ProfessorZoom & Bruce packed up the MINI and headed out to help me with this.  Actually ProfessorZoom had solved most of them, some with Bruce’s help since he used to teach 4th grade, I came along for fortune & glory.

If you didn’t spend any time Thanksgiving day outside you missed a simply lovely day.  The three of us even spent some time topless (the MINI is a convertible).  As we started out we learned a few things that I thought I would share-

  • On something like this where none of the caches are in the published location, double check your coordinates, ProfessorZoom & Bruce are blaming computer errors (they used to blame me) for the coordinates that “transferred incorrectly”
  • Bring a snack and lots to drink (we did, and it was nice stopping for a bit for a quick bite)
  • Plan out your route so that there is a minimal amount of doubling back (we just headed out on a lark)
  • Notice patterns-  We spent a bit of time looking for caches that did not fit the pattern-  if after 20 caches that are all within 5 feet of the road, your GPS says the next one is 3o feet down an embankment in a cave,  you just might have put the solution in wrong.
  • Beware of the “View Carre’” dilemma.  When I was close to my 800th find I was in New Orleans- ProfessorZoom & Bruce were crunched for time and while I wanted the epic cache “View Carre'” to be my milestone, They didn’t have time to find three more caches before logging it.  Yesterday it was #2,000.  So while it would have been nice to have a memorable cache for that milestone (thank you Groundspeak for no longer marking milestone every 100 caches)- I have a memorable day, not a significantly memorable cache
  • Be patient and know when to say when.  It was a great day and we did have fun, did we get all of the caches in the series?  Not yet, but for the group I was with, it wasn’t important.

While not a fan of the whole power trail thing (Some people still remember when getting 100 in a day took some effort & planning, even with over saturation), it is nice to see cachers putting in the effort to give us puzzles to solve and caches to find.  Will I be back to finish the Back Home Again series?  Yes, but I won’t say when- I’m still a little frightened when I get in that neck of the woods.


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2 Responses to Giving Thanks and working on some GeoArt

  1. algoan says:

    Go-purdue and I had a great time with the BHA series and thanks for so many great tips, Cecil… we sure could have used a couple! G-P and I solved the puzzles separately, which turned out to be a good thing because each of us got at least one question wrong! LOL But fortunately, patterns had revealed themselves and we knew immediately when we weren’t in the right spot. We didn’t plan a route, but rather started as far west as possible, working our way towards home. We knocked out little “groupings” of caches, and it ultimately took us just under 7 hours to collect all 125 in the series, plus about 10 others we just happened across.

    I’ve heard rumor that the best time so far is under 5 hours. Those folks must have done some serious planning, and kudos to them! They could probably sell their route to future seekers! LOL

    Bringing water/snacks is a great tip also… we had water, and made one quick lunch stop, but in this area the towns are small and there weren’t many businesses available (or open) without going well off our route (we went about 5 miles off-route to get lunch).

    Congratulations on #2000, Cecil… a memorable day is what it’s all about. I hope you have many more. :)

    • Chip says:

      Congratulations on 2k! And even more congratulations on doing things the way you did! I’ve put pressure on my milestones at different times! I like the approach of just enjoying the moment and finding a memory and not placing too much emphasis on what cache it is! OK, that being said I am most certain that when I head towards 6k I will again be pondering what cache it will be…

      How’s the old saying go? You can lead a horse to water…

      Congrats again!

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