Charge up your GPSr: 31 new Souvenirs to be released in August!

If you haven’t already heard, Groundspeak will be releasing a new virtual souvenir for each day of the month of August! So, just go out and find a cache and get a shiny new souvenir – cool huh?

What, you don’t know what a souvenir is? Stop right now and go to your profile page (but be sure to come back) and click on the button marked souvenirs. It’s over in the upper right part of the page next to ‘statistics’. If you’ve found any caches at all you’ll have at least one. You get them for finding a cache in a state, attending certain geo events, or finding a cache on a special day. This year EVERY day in August will be a special day!


Here is what a state souvenir looks like!

So, start making your plans on how you’ll find 31 caches throughout the month. Are there hides on the way to work that you haven’t found? A long hike you’ve been meaning to take? August might be just the time!


To help everyone get ready for their August streak, Fort Wayne cacher Lord Elwood has issued a challenge:

“I am challenging everyone who reads this to place a brand new cache between now (July 7) and July 31. I estimate that approximately 50 people will read this post which means that if everyone who reads this places a new cache, there will be 50 new caches in the area!!! This will definitely help those of us wanting to get all the souvenirs in August and helping others who are working on other streaks! So what do you say?”

This is a great idea! If everyone places just one cache between now and the end of the month there will be plenty of new caches for everyone to find during August. Thanks for the push Lord Elwood – I think I know where mine’s going to be placed!


As a little preview, Groundspeak is also releasing a souvenir this Saturday, July 13 for Geocaching Get Outdoors Day! So go out tomorrow and make a find (or 10)!

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  1. Susie says:

    Thanks. I know where I’m going to place one. And, what’s a measly 31 days, anyway?

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