October 2013 Geocaching Events

Happy October!  Boy! Did September seem to zoom by, with lots of work and after August, very little caching.  The weather is definitely changing and getting to be perfect for caching- except when it isn’t…

As always this list gets updated as much as it can throughout the month, but you can always log into Geocaching.com and click on the “Newest in Indiana” link to find the most up to date listing.

October 1
2 Late 4 Lunch? #57
by Pirate 4 Hire | GC4N99N | Indianapolis

October 5
Fritz’s Octoberfest Celebration
by katandkev | GC4G3PC | Fort Wayne

Cachers and Boxers Unite
by Mama Jane, graciedi, Christmas 6 | GC4MP61 | Evansville

October 6
Introduction to Geocaching at Lynnville
by RedjackRyan | GC4NYPM | Lynnville

October 9
Flash Mob at Beef and Boards!
by Turnpiketurk | GC4MK67 | Indianapolis

October 11
Let’s Eat Donuts @ 10pm
by Chutch1035 | GC4NYV8 | Greenfield

October 13
Falls of the Ohio Hike – 2013
by -=Arf!=- | GC2E94Z | Jeffersonville

October 14
South Central Indiana Geocachers FALL for Pizza
by Lair | GC4NN54 | Mitchell

October 15
Sunset On The Ohio~Inky
by 2young2stayathome | GC4NM59 | Jeffersonville

October 19
Everybody loves pizza!
by kiralira and the Bloomington Geocachers | GC4P9YQ | Bloomington

October 22
I Scream!
by lakedawgs | GC4PR9P | Beech Grove

October 26
Indy’s Largest Geo-hike IV
by -goat- | GC4HXC5 | Indianapolis

GIG Oct 2013 – Stoooooky’s (in Thorntown)
by TheDynamicDorks | GC4NMQZ | Thorntown

October 27
Wetlands Cleanup
by Ginger and BJS | GC4P2NF | Terre Haute

November 1
Friday Night with Abe Meet and Greet
by Dr. Who and K-9 | GC4NY6M | Lincoln State Park

November 2
Geocaching with Abe 2013
by Lincoln State Park and sialis | GC4GJ5Z | Lincoln State Park

2013 Hangin’ Around the Campfire with Abe
by Daggy & Deermark | GC4P5K4 | Lincoln State Park

CITO with Abe
by El Pollo Loco Gang | GC4PBZX | Lincoln State Park

November 3
Sunday Morning Breakfast with Abe
by The Friends of Lincoln State Park | GC4KMVR | Lincoln State Park

November 6
Outer Space
by brcross95 | GC4Q1H0 | Franklin

November 12
11/12/13 11:12:13 
by -goat- | GC4HN98 | Indianapolis

11/12/13 event gathering
by vans-crew | GC4NKN0 | Huntington

SIG’s 11-12-13 Event!
by Payneboys | GC4P2ZZ | Newburgh

January 1, 2014
Greater Lafayette Chili Chilly Open

by Team Shydog | GC4NT1Y | Greater Lafayette – duh!


About Bruce

I am cartoonist by night and public school teacher by day. After introducing caching to my wife in 2005 I was left in the dust and in decided to assist Cecil-Evil GeoCaching Monkey on his quest for world domination (in 2009 my wife requested I no longer log any caches under "our" name). I have taken Cecil caching around the country (& England) to many events and have even picked up the Triad (& have the coin to prove it). One of my favorite caches is "Get A Life" GCZJ5Z in the same vein I also enjoyed getting Batman's Batcave & The Gorn's Lair.
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