New Geocaching Event Guidelines

I pulled this wonderful synopsis of the new guidelines from a post the Hoosier Reviewer had made and decided (since I was home due to “extreme cold weather”) I’d share it with all of you!

The geocaching guidelines for events were updated today, and a few changes have been made. Here are the important high points:

1. All events, including CITO and “flash mobs” must now have both a start & end time listed on the page. That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone has to disperse and go home at that time, rather it’s to give everyone an idea of a time frame when the event actually will take place. As a general reminder, people are NOT required to stay the entire listed time. Even if someone shows up at the posted event time / location and leaves 5 minutes later, they can log the event as attended. People are not required to purchase anything, or pay for admittance into a venue to log an event. And as before, signing a logbook is NOT required to log as attended.

2. Multiple events or a sequence of events, at basically the same location at the same day and time, or near the same time should now be listed as one single event only. As an example; a day long event with a breakfast event, a BBQ event in the afternoon, and finishing the night out with a bonfire event, all occurring that same day within the general area of the listed main event will no longer be published as separate events. Just list them as separate activities and times within the main single event, with additional waypoints if necessary.

3. All events must meet the Commercial guidelines for normal cache listings. You can include basic information about the location including the name and address. Donations and legitimate costs can be mentioned, but no links to menus or the venue website. If you’re wanting to sell items at an event, only items/trackables can be mentioned on the event page itself. Mentioning event sponsors are OK, but links to those sponsor commercial websites are not allowed.

As a side note, CITO events will not be published immediately before or after an event (or vice versa), at or near that main event location. For example, cleaning up after a picnic event in a park is a normal and expected activity, and should not be a separate CITO event at that location. CITO events should stand on their own.


Doug/Hoosier Reviewer

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2 Responses to New Geocaching Event Guidelines

  1. scrubjay says:

    I sure hope the reviewers have enough common sense to recognize the difference between two independent events put on by unrelated cachers in an area on any given day that are not apart of a single event and events that are truly apart of a single event with different “activities” in the area.

  2. I honestly don’t see this as being a “new” guideline (Groudspeak doesn’t call them rules). The time frame bit is convenience. Sure, now it should be a tad more clearly delineated.

    As far as the non-requirement to stay….meh….if the losers want to show up, sign a log and leave…let em. Karma isn’t real, but that mentality certainly isn’t going to win them any points when they do this elsewhere (like where they work). Focus on the people that stay. They will be the ones that are you want to associate with, invest time with, and generally will be rewarded beyond a silly log at this silly game we play.

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