February 2014 Geocaching Events

Some weather we’ve been having?  I hope that all the cachers throughout Indiana have taken the appropriate precautions during these extreme conditions.  On some days in January a 1/1 was really a 5/5.  So let’s all stay safe out there and if we really need to cache consider enjoying some time in a state where they wear parkas when the outside temperature is in the 60’s.

February looks almost a bleak as January as more cachers hibernate (or vacation in places where they wear parkas when it is in the 60’s) We’ll try to keep this updated as we learn about more but remember you can do this yourself by clicking on the “Newest in Indiana” link on your profile page at Geocaching.com.  We are starting to see some Earth Day CITOs creep onto the calendar and as we look into the future let’s not forget the fun that is the Spring Picnic!  If you are into some competition (along with fun).

Heads Up about Upcoming (and nearby) Mega-Events

MOGA (Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure) is happening in Central Ohio which is pretty close (I’ve been known to drive to Columbus for lunch).  Registration for that event ends March 15th.  Things will start happening on March 27, with the actual event on the 29th.  I would suggest making it to the opening on the 28th.  Check their website for all the details.  This is a great event but in my opinion not a great one for day trippers since it is really competition based.  That’s not saying the area is full of caches, but I think participants end up having a lot more fun.

Don’t forget that GeoWoodstock is close enough this year, just make sure to get your hotel room booked soon as hotels are filling up from what I’ve heard.  If you’ve never been to a Mega-Event this is a great one to attend. things start happening on May 21st and end the 25th- the actual event is on the May 24th.

Not to the listed Indian events at time of publication:

February 2

Punxsutawney Phil vs. The NFL
by djhobby | GC4X1G7 | Bloomington

February 13

Indy Area Ice Cream Social #13
by Walkabout46 | GC4XQWJ | Cumberland

February 17

February GIG – I want Chicken Velvet Soup
by LoyalDipity | GC4XRZY | Carmel by the corn

February 18

INKY goes out for Tex-Mex
by Bindner Crue | GC4XFKZ | Clarksville

February 22

Winter Weather Warm-up : Round 2
by Curious Kaz | GC4XN11 | Fort Wayne

February 26

Meow lets have a little get together before cats!
by Turnpiketurk | GC4XAKC | Indianapolis

March 1

Indy’s Largest Geo-hike V
by -goat- | GC4WY7E | Indianapolis

March 22

Mounds’ Spring Equinox Geocaching Gathering 2014
by Mounds_State_Park | GC4TP0B | Mounds State Park

March 29

MOGA 2014
by MOGA | GC491R5 | Athens, Ohio
Registration & Hotel Information

April 26

2014 Earth Day CITO-Ritchey Woods-Fishers,IN
by -goat- | GC4VGH4 | Fishers

4/26/14 Fishers Lunch Event
by -goat- | GC4VGHA | Fishers

April 27

NEI-GEO 2014 Earth Day CITO
by Lord Elwood | GC4WP93 | Fort Wayne

May 17

2014 Indiana Spring Picnic
by lakedawgs | GC4MGRJ | Tippecanoe River State Park

May 24

Geowoodstock XII
by Geowoodstock Committee | GC4BGXM | St Charles, Missouri
Registration & Hotel Information


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  1. algoan says:

    The February GIG get-together is going to be the evening of Monday, February 17th. It wasn’t published in time to make the list… :)

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