The Best in Indiana

This is a quick list of 25 statewide caches that are considered by cachers as “the best.”  Are they?  Scientifically speaking we have just used favorite points to determine the list… you might not agree.  If you think a cache is missing, please add a comment, who knows? we might add it.

  1. Indiana’s First by Wandrer Adopted by Indy Diver and finally 501_Gang | GC93 | 312 points
  2. Turkey Run Stash by Nicki & Doug Gundersen (Adopted by Cowboy) | GCC6 | 281 points
  3. Big Ball of Paint by doobies & dougsmiley | GC12FPA | 182 points
  4. Drove It Into The Ground by Daggy | GCC41A | 165 points
  5. GeoWoodstock Time Machine by BuffaloBob!! | GC3H0NH | 154 points
  6. The Lady by Quiddler | GCB614 | 154 points
  7. 92 Counties by Team J&K | GC6BFF | 154 points
  9. Bad Cast by Reikia&Fetcher | GC2KYXG | 141 points
  10. Lilly Tomlin as Edith Ann by Evil’s Keepers | GC9C0A | 123 points
  11. Time of a different kind! by Indy Diver | GC660B | 118 points
  12. Indys Largest Cache By Parm and The Goat by Parm and The GOAT | GC38982 | 108 points
  13. His Favorite Niece by bluespreacher | GC34F2 | 108 points
  14. Falls of the Ohio by The Shannon Family – Adopted by Kayak-Cowboy | GC55E | 108 points
  15. Falls Of The Ohio by -=Arf!=- | GCPAF1 | 95 points
  16. Cache Across America – Indiana by Kosciusko County Visitors Center | GC1M5BE | 93 points
  17. Captain McHarry’s Vault by Esper Ranger | GCRCT5 | 88 points (as of 10-13-14 listed as disabled)
  18. Fowler Park Wilderness Stash by Zach Buchanan/Adopted by Jim, Di & The Boyz | GCC7 | 88 points
  19. Congressional Medal Of Honor Memorial by purplemartin2 and Z’cachers | GCJ0X7 | 80 points
  20. The Courthouse Tree Cache by Indy Diver | GC9DD0 | 75 points
  21. 3 States, 1 Cache by Handyman & Fam | GC3499B |74 points
  22. Ghostcam Cache by DutchBoy | GCA4C4 | 70 points
  23. 887-369 by JGram | GC30YG9 | 68 points
  24. The Punch Bowl by The Herd | GC1EH9Z | 68 points
  25. Lucifer’s Spine 2 by LUCKY7 | GCKQEK | 67 points
  26. Louie’s Motto by sting buff | GC941B | 67 points

Last Update- October 13, 2014

11 Responses to The Best in Indiana

  1. (mrs.) lakedawgs says:

    Excellent list! I’m surprised we haven’t knocked out more of them… time to get to work on that!

    • pirate 4 hire says:

      Technically 10.JAC0B’s MOVING Cache #3 is a moving cache and not really an Indiana cache although it is currently in our state, but no need to split hairs! haha! I love the list and thank you for taking the time to put it together!

  2. Hoosier Guy says:

    Well I have four of them so far. Would make a good challenge to find them all.

  3. Brian D. Stahly says:

    I now have 14 of the 25!

  4. 'Rubicon' Wooly says:

    Ah come on…Where’s ‘Freddie’s Nightmare’ on the list??????? GC1GX7B
    Had a great turn out Saturday there….
    Got a few on the list and a lot I want to do…..Thanks

    • Bruce says:

      While I do need to update the list (some things have changed)- this is the top 25 caches in Indiana. Freddy’s Nightmare as of today is #34 with 23 favorite points. Please feel free to search for caches in Indiana and then sort by favorite points to insure that you have the most up to date list of Indiana’s best.

    • Mitch P says:

      I just made a bookmark – and Freddie’s Nightmare snuck in at #26 as it is tied with #25. I want to come do that one myself some day!

  5. Bill W says:

    Need a public bookmark list for these.

  6. Mitch P says:

    I just checked this list out as we are nearing a milestone and want a special cache. A lot has changed in the Top 25 since this list was created. I like the idea of a bookmark list – I think I’ll go create one. Outside of the top 9, however, there is a real logjam at every favorite point level.

    • Bruce says:

      Guess I know what I’m doing this weekend… Another item added to my to do list!

      • Mitch P says:

        I did create the bookmark – but unfortunately, the Favorite Points data is not included when you display a bookmark. You would be able to identify the ones on the list closest to you. But to sort on Favorite Points, you have to run a PQ and display it.

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