Indiana Challenge Caches

Everyone needs a goal… something to aspire to.  That’s what challenge caches are all about.  Every state has there own special series of challenges some can be very unique.  While it might seem there are some duplicate challenges (and there are) the final coordinates might be in a different part of the state.  That way if you are in Southern Indiana you don’t have to drive halfway across the state to get a certain challenge.  I’ve tried to put a simplified version of the requirements for each challenge, but some are so complex I’ve put “Just look at the cache page” even with that I would check the cache page for the exact requirements on any of these. Some caches are Premium Member only caches so just look in the description to see.

Unfortunately as the sport grows and various areas around the state add similar challenge caches so people don’t have to travel to get the ones already set up (just sayin’). This has become a challenge to maintain (pun intended) This a list of challenge caches in Indiana taken originally from shell1fish’s bookmark list of state challenge caches H-M.  added to multiple times by lakedawgs and completely redone thanks to a bookmark list from TeamMCH.  TeamMCH’s current bookmark list has 315 entries as of 10-13-14 and according to the list is updated weekly.  What is missing would be the description of the challenge so you’ll have to click on the link to find out what you need to do.

  1. # Sign Challenge (GC4A1WM) Find and log 100 caches with the # sign in the name
  2. 1 Star Difficulty Challenge (GC3WDCY) Find and log all the 1 difficulty levels with the 9 different Terrains  in the matrix.
  3. 1 Star Terrain Challenge (GC49RC6) Find and log all the 1 terrain levels with the 9 different difficulty levels in the matrix
  4. 1.5 Star Difficulty Challenge (GC3WDDY) Find and log all the 1.5 difficulty levels with the 9 different Terrains  in the matrix.
  5. 1.5 Terrain Challenge (GC49RET) Find and log all the 1.5 star terrain levels with the 9 different difficulty levels in the matrix
  6. 1/10/100/1000 Challenge – Take 2 (GC2Q0KZ) Find 1000 caches total, find 100 caches in one week, attend 10 events, and attend 1 WWFM (World Wide Flash Mob) Event
  7. 100 Finds Challenge (GC34PQR)  Find 100 caches placed by a single cacher
  8. 100 to 1 Challenge (GC2420D) Hide a cache for every 100 you have found
  9. 1000/100/10/1 Waymarking Challenge (GC3N5JJ) 1000 – Visit at least 1000 waymarks total.  (There are 660 waymarks within 10 miles of this location at the time this cache was hidden). 100 – Visit at least 1 waymark in 100 different of the over 1000 categories (1044 categories at the time the cache was hidden). 10 – Visit at least 10 waymarks in each of the 15 departments. 1 – Visit at least 100 waymarks in at least 1 department
  10. 10-Cycle of Multicaches Challenge (GC3K0CE) Just look at the cache page
  11. 10X100 Indiana County Finds Challenge (GC39K9R) Have 100 finds in 10 different counties in Indiana (only Indiana).  Achieved geocaches do count towards the 100
  12. 12 on the 12th Challenge (GC42P48) Find 12 caches in a row
  13. 15 Counties in a Day Challenge (GC35BF8) Find at least one cache in at least 15 different counties in 24 hours.
  14. 15 For 150 Challenge (GC3YP22) Just look at the cache page
  15. 15 Souvenirs CHALLENGE (GC2YQNC) After having been awarded at least 15 Souvenir icons by Can be logged more than once.
  16. #15-Counties Count Challenge (GC449QE) Find at least 25 caches that have the word county in their title.
  17. #17-State Virtual Challenge (GC449XM) Find at least one virtual cache in 5 different states.
  18. 2 Star Difficulty Challenge (GC3WDEM) Find and log all the 2 difficulty levels with the 9 different Terrains  in the matrix.
  19. 2 Star Terrain Challenge (GC49RFD) Find and log all the 2 star terrain levels with the 9 different difficulty levels in the matrix
  20. 2.5 Star Difficulty Challenge (GC3WDFA) Find and log all the 2.5 difficulty levels with the 9 different Terrains  in the matrix.
  21. 2.5 Star Terrain Challenge (GC49RFV) Find and log all the 2.5 star terrain levels with the 9 different difficulty levels in the matrix
  22. 22- Three States – One City Challenge (GC44A8A) Find  a cache in a city of the same name in three different states
  23. 20-20-15-15-5 Cache Challenge** (GC2T7AW) Find a designated number of each of 5 different cache types
  24. 3 Star Difficulty Challenge (GC3WDG4) Find and log all the 3 difficulty levels with the 9 different Terrains  in the matrix.
  25. 3 Star Terrain Challenge (GC49RG5) Find and log all the 3 star terrain levels with the 9 different difficulty levels in the matrix
  26. 3.5 Star Difficulty Challenge (GC3WDGR) Find and log all the 3.5 difficulty levels with the 9 different Terrains  in the matrix.
  27. 3.5 Star Terrain Challenge (GC49RGE) Find and log all the 3.5 star terrain levels with the 9 different difficulty levels in the matrix
  28. 366 Challenge – Finds By Placed Date (GC2RGGX) Find a cache PLACED on each calendar date of the year
  29. 366-Challenge-Finds by date placed (GC33JAA) Find a cache PLACED on all 366 days of the year
  30. 366 Days a Year Challenge (GC2RW2H) Find a cache on each calendar date of the year
  31. 366 Days of Caching (GC1YG9J) Find a cache on each calendar date of the year
  32. 366 Days of Caching Challenge (GC3EF4D) Find at least one cache on all 366 days of the year, including Feb. 29
  33. 366 Days Placed Challenge (GC36PTJ) Find a cache that was placed on ALL 366 days of the year
  34. 4 Star Difficulty Challenge (GC3WDH8) Find and log all the 4 difficulty levels with the 9 different Terrains  in the matrix.
  35. 4 Star Terrain Challenge (GC49RGP) Find and log all the 4 star terrain levels with the 9 different difficulty levels in the matrix
  36. 4.5 Star Terrain Challenge (GC49RGW) find and log all the 4.5 star terrain levels with the 9 different difficulty levels in the matrix
  37. 5 Star Difficulty Challenge (GC3WDJT) Find and log all the 5 difficulty levels with the 9 different Terrains  in the matrix.
  38. 5 Star Terrain Challenge! (GC31TK5) Find at least one of all the 5 star terrain combos. Absolutely NO liars caches allowed and all caches must be placed on or before 8-8-2011
  39. 5 States In One Day Challenge for Indiana (GC49092) Find and log at least 10 finds across 5 states within ONE CALENDAR DAY Premium Member Only
  40. 50 X 10 Year Challenge (GC40AT3) Find at least 50 caches that are 10 years old as of the date you find this challenge cache
  41. 525,600 Minutes (GC1V7JM) Complete a geocaching streak that it is 365 days long.
  42. 7 Consecutive Sundays Challenge (GC4BXTB) To qualify for this challenge, you must have found a cache on 7 consecutive Sundays.
  43. 7 Container Types in a Day Challenge! (GC3AP58) Find 7 different container types in one calendar day.
  44. ABC State/Province Challenge (GC1VE0E) Just look at the cache page
  45. Allen County 500 Club Challenge (GC2RCMP) Find 500 Allen County caches Premium Member Only
  46. AlphaNumeric Challenge (GC44R6M) Find 36 caches with cache names starting with all the letters of the alphabet ( A-Z) and all the numbers (0-9)
  47. An Iconic Day in Monroe County: A Busy Day Cache (GC2BDX6) Find 5 different Monroe County cache types in one day
  48. AVLBMSD Challenge cache (GC2TERG) Complete ALL in one day: A minimum of 100 caches in one day. A minimum of 6 different type of caches: traditional, multi, puzzle, virtual, event, etc. A minimum of 3 different states.
  49. Beginner Benchmark Challenge (GC3AFVY) Find and log 25 Benchmarks
  50. Beginner Trackable Challenge (GC2YQNV) MOVE or DISCOVER at least 25 travel bugs / geocoins.
  51. Benchmark Challenge I (GC1M205) Find 10 Benchmarks
  52. Benchmark streakers challenge (GC3RCBW) Find at least one  benchmark a day for 30 days straight
  53. Boone County Cache Challenge (GC35BFK) Find at least 250 of the caches in Boone County.
  54. Branded Promotions Challenge Cache (GC443JY) Just look at the cache page
  55. CACHING NAME CHALLENGE (GC32EMB) Find one cache that starts with the same letter as the letters in your caching name.
  56. Caching Through the Alphabet Challenge (GC1D528) Find a cache after 06/26/2008 starting with each letter of the alphabet
  57. Cemetery Challenge (GC3JAF5) Find 50 caches with the word cemetery in the name.
  58. CHALLENGE: Geo-Calender Full–366 Days!!* (GC43Y5M) Find a cache on every day of the Geo-Calendar
  59. Challenge of the Century – 100 caches in a day! (GC21KVT) Find 100 caches in one calendar day Premium Member Only
  60. Challenge of the Century: 1/1s (GC1TXYN) Find 100 caches with a terrain of 1 and difficulty of 1
  61. Challenge Of The Century: Benchmarks (GC3PF6J) Find and log 100 Benchmarks
  62. Challenge of the Century: Bodies of Water (GC2VD45) Find 100 caches that contain a type of body of water in their titles
  63. Challenge of the Century: Colors (GC2VD8M) Find 100 caches containing a color in their title  Premium Member Only
  64. Challenge of the Century: Critters (GC2TZ4V) Find 100 caches with the name of a critter in the title
  65. Challenge of the Century: DNF (GC1601M) Log a DNF (Did Not Find) on 100 caches
  66. Challenge of the Century: Event (GC1600P) Attend 100 Events
  67. Challenge of the Century: First to Find (GC19TGQ) Log a FTF (First to Find) on 100 caches
  68. Challenge of the Century: Food/Drink (GC2V0TJ) Find 100 caches that contain the name of a food or drink in their titles
  69. Challenge of the Century: GeoStreak (GC3GZBF) Find at least 1 cache every day for 200 days in a row
  70. Challenge of the Century: Multi (GC1600A) Find 100 Multi-caches
  71. Challenge of the Century: Mystery (GC1600K) Find 100 Unknown (Mystery) caches
  72. Challenge of the Century: Names (GC2VD7W) Find 100 caches that contain a person’s first name in their titles  Premium Member Only
  73. Challenge of the Century: Places We Live (GC3XWVR) Find 100 caches that have a city name in the title
  74. Challenge of the Century: Streak (GC1601V)  Find a cache a day for 100 consecutive days
  75. Challenge of the Century: The Challenge Challenge (GC41PAP) Find and log 100 other Mystery/ Unknown type Challenge Caches, all containing the word “Challenge” in the title, and have logging requirements themselves, using statistics generated from your Geocaching profile as proof of qualification. Traditional, multi, virtual, event, letterbox hybrid, or cache types that are not listed as Unknown do not qualify and may not be used toward the Challenge Challenge.
  76. Challenge of the Century: Trackables (GC1601A) Move 100 Trackables; Discoveries excluded
  77. Challenge of the Century: Traditional (GC16000) Find 100 Traditional caches
  78. Challenge of the Century: Virtual and Earthcaches (GC1A8GQ) Find a combined total of 100 Virtual and Earthcaches
  79. Challenge of the Challenges (GC32KCW) Find 10 caches with the word “Challenge” in the title
  80. Challenge of the Decade: Tradtional (GC44P13) Find 10 traditional caches
  81. Challenge of the Decade: Unknown Caches (GC49322) Find 10 unknown caches
  82. Challenge of the Millennium-All other cache types (GC33345)  Find 1000 non-Traditional caches (Unknown, EarthCaches, Virtuals, Multi, Letterbox, APE, Event, CITO, Webcam, Wherigo, GPS, HQ, etc.)
  83. Challenge of the Millennium-Owned Caches Found (GC33346) Have 1000 finds on caches you own
  84. Challenge of the Millennium-Trackables (GC33347) Find 1000 Traditional caches
  85. Challenge of the Millennium-Traditional (GC33349) Move and/or Discover 1000 Trackables
  86. Challenge of the Quarter-Century: Track-a-Cacher (GC49BTA) Discover at least 25 trackable name tags Premium Member Only
  87. Challenge Yourself: Be Non-Traditional! (GC39FPX) Find 100 Geocaches within 30 consecutive days that are NOT traditional caches
  88. Challenge Yourself: The Collaboration Project (GC39E9Z) Find caches with the help of at least 100 other Geocachers
  89. Challenge Yourself: The Mile High Club (GC3ZVTM)  Find a cache located at an elevation at least a mile above sea level (some cache types excluded)
  90. Challenge: A Million Miles from Home (GC2VDMF) Find caches with a total distance from your home coordinates of one million miles
  91. CHALLENGE: Findin’ 1000 – Traditional Caches! (GC435Y7) Find 1000 traditional caches
  92. CHALLENGE: Findin’ 2000 – Traditional Caches (GC435Z1) Find 2000 traditional caches
  93. CHALLENGE: Findin’ 3000 Traditional Caches (GC43607) Find 3000 traditional caches
  94. Challenge: Hamilton County Parks (reborn) (GC3V71C)  Log at least one cache in each of 15 parks located in Hamilton County
  95. Comfort Zone IN Challenge (GC3711M) Find all the numbers for each “position” within the GC code. GC numbers range from 1 to 5 digits after the letters GC
  96. Completed Matrix Challenge (GC3WG6X) Fullfill all 81 squares on the Difficulty/Terrain Matrix
  97. Crazy About Caching Challenge: Hoosier Neighbors? (GC49YR2) This is a challenge cache. You can find and log this cache if you have found a cache in Indiana and each of its neighboring states: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois.
  98. Crazy Eight State Virtual Challenge (GC3J5WE) Find and log a virtual cache in at least eight different U.S. states and/or other countries
  99. Difficult Benchmark Challenge (GC3AM2P) Find and log 100 Benchmarks
  100. Early Bird Challenge (GC248AQ) Log a FTF (First to Find) a month for 6 consecutive months
  101. Earthcache Bronze Challenge (GC27Z9N) Visit and log three (3) or more Earthcaches in two (2) or more states/countries
  102. Earthcache Silver Challenge (GC27ZGR) Visit and log six (6) or more Earthcaches in three (3) or more states/countries and have developed one (1) or more Earthcaches
  103. Emilie’s 3/4 Challenge (GC3V7P8) Find 100 caches with the number 3 or 4 in the cache title. The words three or four do not count. The cache title must contain the numeral.  At least 10 of the caches must be non-traditional, such as unknown, virtual, earth cache, etc.
  104. Extreme Benchmark Challenge (GC3AMNA) Find and log 150 Benchmarks
  105. Extreme Benchmark Challenge:20 Benchmarks In A Day (GC3KWEP) Find and log 20 Benchmarks in one calendar day
  106. Favorites Challenge Cache (GC3M4DM) Find and log 5 caches as follows: 1 cache that has been “Favorite” at least 10 times or more.  1 cache that has been “Favorite” at least 20 times or more.  1 cache that has been “Favorite” at least 30 times or more.  1 cache that has been “Favorite” at least 40 times or more.  1 cache that has been “Favorite” at least 50 times or more, You must have 1 of your own hides that has been “Favorite” at least 2 times
  107. February 29th A Leap Year Challenge (GC3CVJZ) Find a cache on February 29th
  108. FTF – Challenge (GC2RR86) Log a FTF (First to Find) a month for 12 consecutive months
  109. Give it your all Challenge (GC1VD74) Hide 50 caches of 3 different cache types
  110. Goat Challenge (GC41V26) Find 75 caches with the word “Goat” in the title
  111. Half-Century: 50 Earthcache Challenge* (GC2YQNQ) Find a total of FIFTY Earthcaches
  112. Historical Caches of St Joseph County Challenge (GC3Q46R) Find Five (5) of the Seven (7) oldest active caches in St Joseph County Indiana
  113. I-80 Interstate Highway Challenge (GC32D61) Just look at the cache page
  114. IN – Beginner Trackables Challenge (GC2YQNV) Move or Discover at least 25 travel bugs / geocoins
  115. IN — Container & Terrain Challenge (GC2YQND) Find at least one/1 cache with the container size-LARGE/5 gallon bucket and at least one/1 cache with the terrain rating of 5
  116. IN Century: 100 Stars in a Day Challenge (GC2YQP1) find caches, all within one calendar day, where their combined Difficulty and Terrain stars add up to a minimum of 100
  117. IN CHALLENGE: All States East of the Mississippi* (GC43Y5T) Find at least one cache in ALL of the states East of the Mississipp
  118. IN Lonely Cache Challenge (GC2JC2P) Find Indiana caches after 12/14/2010 that have not been found in at least 6 months; Event, CITO, Virtual caches excluded
  119. IN: 3-states in a Day Challenge (GC2YQNJ) Find at least 3 caches, after 1/1/2010 all on the same calendar day in at least 3 states.  May be logged more than once
  120. Indiana 92 County Challenge (GC46XTK) Find 92 caches, each containing the name of an Indiana county.
  121. Indiana Alphanumeric Challenge (by cache name) (GC3NDW9) Find on a cache that begins with each of the 36 alphanumeric characters, A-Z and 0-9
  122. Indiana Baker’s Dozen Challenge Cache (GC1ANWK) Find exactly one cache after 04/01/2008 on a given day, exactly two caches on any other day, exactly three caches on still yet another day and so forth all the way up to finding exactly thirteen caches on a day, including at least one Multi-cache, Puzzle, or Wherigo each day  Premium Member Only
  123. Indiana Benchmarking#83- ScoreTheBenchmarkChallenge (GC4591E) Find and log 20 benchmarks
  124. Indiana Benchmarking – Bronze Challenge (GC3R4F1) Find and log 15 Benchmarks *and* caches in the Indiana Benchmarking series
  125. Indiana Benchmarking – Gold Challenge (GC3R4H5) Find and log 30 Benchmarks *and* caches in the Indiana Benchmarking series
  126. Indiana Benchmarking – Platinum Challenge (GC4387J)
  127. Indiana Benchmarking – Ruby Challenge (GC49VY0) Logged 80 caches associated with Benchmarks
  128. Indiana Benchmarking – Silver Challenge (GC3R4G6)  Find and log 20 Benchmarks *and* caches in the Indiana Benchmarking series
  129. Indiana Cemetery Cache Challenge- 50 (GC3NAAK) Find and log 50 caches with the word “cemetery” in the title
  130. Indiana Delorme Challenge (GC14PRK) Find an Indiana cache on each of 47 pages of the Indiana DeLorme Altas; Event, CITO, Locationless caches excluded Premium Member Only
  131. Indiana Epic 92 County Challenge (GC13054) Find a cache in each of Indiana’s 92 Counties
  132. Indiana Epic History Challenge (GC1A42D) Find all the active Indiana caches published between October 23, 2000 and October 22, 2001 (29 as of 01/2/2013)
  133. Indiana Epic State Park Challenge (GC26VN9) Find a cache in each of Indiana’s 22 State Parks
  134. Indiana Epic State Reservoir Challenge (GC2YTXB) Find 3 caches at each of Indiana’s 9 state reservoirs
  135. Indiana Epic Virtual Challenge (GC1ND58) Find all the active Indiana Virtual caches (64 as of 01/2/2013)
  136. Indiana Spirit Quest #688 ISQ Century Challenge (GC1ZFA2) Find 100 Spirit Quest caches  Premium Member Only
  137. Indiana Waymarking Alphabet Soup Challenge (GC3GVNB)  Visit a waymark that begins with each of the 26 letters of the alphabet in the state of Indiana.
  138. Indiana’s Busy Day Challenge (GC1ZH0K) Find 6 different cache types in one day after 10/06/2009
  139. Indiana-Kentucky Lonely Benchmark Challenge (GC3VPEM) You must find 10 benchmarks that are listed in the Benchmarking database on that have not been found within 1 year.
  140. Indianapolis 500 (GC1PP9A) Find 500 Marion County caches  Premium Member Only
  141. Indiana’s Restful Challenge (GC3AJ75) Find a cache at at least 20 of the 30 Rest Areas/Welcome Centers in Indiana.
  142. Indiana’s Top Ten Challenge (GC3VG0Q) Find the current Top 10 Geocaches in the state of Indiana
  143. Indy Area Completed Matrix Challenge (GC3V72N) Fullfill all 81 squares on the Difficulty/Terrain Matrix
  144. IN-KY Lonely Cache Challenge (GC3AKPD) Just read the cache page
  145. Intermediate Benchmark Challenge (GC3AFWK) Find and log 50 Benchmarks
  146. Jasmer Challenge (GC2ZXGC) Find caches placed in 95% of the months since caching started AND the 95% MUST include at least one find for a cache placed in every year since geocaching began.
  147. Karma King Challenge (GC2741R) Have at least 40 caches placed. Any kind of cache counts and events do as well.
  148. Keep On GeoStreaking to 366… (GC3VG36) Find 366 different caches on 366 consecutive days.  Premium Member Only
  149. KNC’s Jeep 4×4 Geocaching Challenge! (GC38M2M) Find/discover all four (4) of the different colored Jeep Travel Bugs
  150. Long Way In A Day Challenge (GC3P3YX) Find and log caches in 6 separate states in one CALENDER day, not to be confused with a 24 hour period
  151. Medalist Challenge (GC47AMN) Find 30 caches with the words “GOLD”, “SILVER”, or “BRONZE” in the title.
  152. Moving Them Along Challenge (GC3PT4C) Move or discover a total of 100 trackable items
  153. Multiple Mysteries Challenge (GC3E98Y) Find 100 Multi and/or Puzzle Caches
  154. Mystery Cache Challenge (GC3BWBE) Find 100 mystery caches
  155. Mystery History Challenge (GC3WR7A) Find a total of FIVE Unknown/Mystery caches from the first full calendar year of Geocaching, the start of Geocaching to December 31, 2001
  156. Name of the Game Challenge (GC43QP2) Find one cache that starts with each letter or number of your caching name.
  157. National Road – Indiana Challenge (GC1E0K7) Find two caches within 1 mile of US-40 in each of 8 Indiana counties
  158. Not your Traditional Alpha Numeric Challenge (GC48FPG) Find and log a NON-TRADITIONAL cache that begins with each of the 36 alphanumeric characters
  159. One State – Three County Challenge (GC45P1A) Find caches in three states in counties of the same name. Premium Member Only cache
  160. Rainbow Challenge (GC4AT25) To qualify for this challenge you need to collect 7 caches, each one with one of the “OFFICIAL” rainbow colors in the title. All 7 colors must be found. Premium Member Only cache
  161. Score the Bridge Challenge (GC3W5YW) Find TWENTY caches that contain the word “bridge” in the cache name
  162. Score the Livestock Challenge (GC3W906) Find TWENTY caches that have the “Watch for Livestock” attribute
  163. Score the Large Challenge (GC49R04) Find and log 20(twenty) caches listed as the size “large”
  164. Score the MM Challenge (GC3W5ZG) Find TWENTY caches that contain “mm” in the cache name. This can be part of another word, such as mommy or ammo
  165. Slacker’s Half-Dozen Challenge (GC1DXYN) Find 6 caches after 07/06/2008 on different days with designated starting and ending title letters  Premium Member Only
  166. Southern Indiana Busy Day Challenge (GC3WKPQ)  Find 6 different cache types in one day.
  167. Star Trek: A Challenge Cache (GC2G1CT) Find caches, all within one calendar day, whose Difficulty plus Terrain ratings total at least 100 points, including a cache with a difficulty or terrain rating of 5; Unknown (Mystery) caches excluded
  168. State Souvenir Challenge for Indiana (GC2NHAR) Have 10 State Souvenirs in your geocaching account prior to your “find” log on this cache Premium Member Only
  169. States that BORDER Indiana–CHALLENGE (GC2YQNA) Find a cache in each sate that borders Indiana.
  170. Ten Little Guards Challenge (GC3V0KR) Find ten (10) or more caches with the word guard in the title
  171. The 3 by 10 Challenge (GC495XB) find and log 3 different cache types by 10 different cachers – see cache page for restrictions
  172. The 4 Corners of the World Challenge (GC3QBAD) Prove you have been to all the 4 corners of the world by finding a cache in each hemisphere N, S, W, and E.
  173. The BenchMark Challenge (GC1W69A) Find 25 Benchmarks
  174. The Color Cache Challenge (GC4168Z) Find at least 9 different caches with colors in the names.  The colors that count are: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Brown, Gold, Pink, Orange and Purple. You may not duplicate the colors in your list
  175. The Completed Matrix (GC12QFK) Well Rounded Cacher (Fizzy Challenge) cache for Indiana.  Find a cache published before 05/07/2007 of each of 81 Difficulty/Terrain combinations including 9 Cache Types  Premium Member Only
  176. The Give Back Challenge (GC1V78C) Hide 10 caches of 2 different cache types
  177. The History of Geocaching Challenge (GC2M562) Find a Traditional cache published in each year, 2000 – Current Year
  178. The Indy 6 month FTF Challenge (GC2HVN5) Log a FTF (First to Find) a month for 6 consecutive months
  179. The Renaissance Cacher Challenge (GC39AEZ) Find at least one of every cache type possible except for: 10 Years! Event Cache, Lost & Found Event Cache, GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit, Project: A.P.E., Groundspeak Headquarters, or Locationless.
  180. The-MudSlinger Challenge (GC1YE36) Find 100 caches hidden by The-MudSlinger
  181. The Social Butterfly: A Challenge Cache (GC3MX41) attend an event in 10 different states/provinces or countries. Premium Member Only
  182. Tippecanoe County ABCDErian Challenge (GC1H8T5) Find or hide a Tippecanoe County cache starting with each letter of the alphabet
  183. Trackable Challenge (GC4606Y)  Just read the cache page Premium Member Only
  184. Traveling Cacher Challenge (GC3B18J) have 10 cache finds in 20 different states Premium Member Only
  185. Tri State Treaty of 2012 Indiana Challenge (GC3VJD5) find and log 100 caches each in the other 2 states (Michigan and Ohio).
  186. Tri-State Alphanumeric Challenge (GC3GNQT)  find 36 distinct caches whose owners’ names begin with each letter of the alphabet, A to Z, and each numeral 0 to 9 Premium Member Only
  187. Unknown Challenge (GC3C5PQ) find 10 “Unknown” caches in a single calendar day!
  188. Variety: The Spice of Life Challenge (GC23X1M) Hide 4 different cache types
  189. Very Long Day Challenge (GC27ZER) Find 100 caches in one calendar day
  190. Webcam Challenge Cache (GC44E1R) Get 5 different webcam cache pictures with each one in a different state
  191. What Goes Around Comes Around: Karma Challenge (GC25Q9Y) Have more finds on caches hidden by you than caches you have found (at least 2
  192. What’s in a Name Challenge (GC338RE) Spell your Geocaching name by finding geocaches that start with each letter in your name
  193. Where Have You Cached Challenge (GC1Z8J8) Find a cache in at least 5 states
  194. Your Favorite Cacher Challenge (GC216EV) Find 25 caches hidden by one geocacher  Premium Member Only

13 Responses to Indiana Challenge Caches

  1. go-purdue says:

    Here’s another challenge, here in Indianapolis:
    State Souvenir Challenge for Indiana

    You need 10 states in the US to qualify.

  2. go-purdue says:

    There’s also some new ones in Lafayette. Here’s a list: = States that BORDER Indiana–CHALLENGE = 15 Souvenirs CHALLENGE = IN – Beginner Trackables Challenge = IN — Container & Terrain Challenge = IN: 3-states in a Day Challenge = IN Century: 100 Stars in a Day Challenge = Half-Century: 50 Earthcache Challenge

  3. Bruce says:

    New challenges have been added to the list.

  4. Brian D. Stahly says:

    Events don’t count but virtuals do.

  5. (mrs.) lakedawgs says:

    Two more, published recently… (Challenge Yourself: The Collaboration Project) (Challenge Yourself: Be Non-Traditional!)

  6. Here are a few newer challenges. Indiana’s Top Ten Challenge Challenge Of The Century: Benchmarks Beginner Benchmark Challenge Intermediate Benchmark Challenge Difficult Benchmark Challenge Extreme Benchmark Challenge Extreme Benchmark Challenge:20 Benchmarks In A Day Indiana Benchmarking – Bronze Challenge Indiana Benchmarking – Silver Challenge Indiana Benchmarking – Gold Challenge

  7. lakedawgs says:

    List has been updated.

  8. algoan says:

    For next update… add GC2RGGX.

  9. dbbolling-goat says:

    A few more for the list

    GC3V72N Indy Area Completed Matrix Challenge
    GC3V71C Challenge: Hamilton County Parks (reborn
    GC38EFV Challenge of the Millennium-1000 found in a
    GC33346 Challenge of the Millennium-Owned Caches
    GC33349 Challenge of the Millennium-Traditional
    GC33347 Challenge of the Millennium-Trackables
    GC33345 Challenge of the Millennium-All other cache types

  10. lakedawgs says:

    List updated.

  11. geowinnies says:

    Need to update the description of 147.Southern Indiana Busy Day Challenge (GC3WKPQ) Log a DNF (Did Not Find) on 100 caches – this cache is actually for finding 6 different cache types in one day

  12. Alex says:

    Hi, I found a few that have been archived from this list:

    Challenge of the Century: GeoFrenzy – GC3HZ2B – at Lafayette
    Challenge of the Millennium-1000 found in a year – GC38EFV – at Indianapolis.


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