Geocaching 101

So you’ve gone to and watched their video.  You’ve listened to the NPR story from July 4, 2011.  You’ve looked at a few of the blogs & links on our link page what else is there? I decided I would post the comics from My Geek Odyssey dealing with geocaching. if you click on the comic you will get magically transported to the post which has a few more details.  As more “Geocaching 101” comics are published I will add them to this page.  Then again you could always just read My Geek Odyssey online (blatant plug).

One Response to Geocaching 101

  1. LJ says:

    I love the use of comics in introducing geocaching. I think a lot of people are actually intimidated, thinking they won’t know what to do with the technology. The comics lighten it up.

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