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Geocaching Events for October 2014

We used to direct you to clicking on the “Newest in Indiana” link on your profile page, but it looks like the powers that be at Groundspeak have decided to pull a Facebook style update to their site and make … Continue reading

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October 2013 Geocaching Events

Happy October!  Boy! Did September seem to zoom by, with lots of work and after August, very little caching.  The weather is definitely changing and getting to be perfect for caching- except when it isn’t… As always this list gets … Continue reading

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July 2013 Geocaching Events

Has anyone else noticed the number of kayak events this summer?  While putting together this list I kept noticing that having a kayak might be as important as having a GPS… almost.  As we hit the height of Summer events … Continue reading

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June 2013 Geocaching Events

Hey!  Look!  It’s Summer!  Time to start wearing your white hiking boots!  While the number of events tend to die down since everyone is caching, or traveling, or caching while traveling, this is a great time to go forth and … Continue reading

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